The Liquidation Sale that just wasn’t…

liquid 300x198 The Liquidation Sale that just wasnt…Randy* reported having attended a liquidation sale, this past weekend. He was terribly disappointed.  The commercial hyped the sale up entirely.  Cameras, CD players, and more were advertised at knock-off prices.  He definitely could not pass this opportunity up to check out these deals.  So he went and several of his friends came along too.

The first product he looked at was a camera.  On television it was advertised for $9.  There was a huge difference between what was displayed on TV and what was at the sale.  The product at the sale he described as junk.  It was small, plastic, and appeared to be quite breakable, not at all what was hyped up in the commercial.  Also, the CD players and 1000 watt amps advertised at $19 were a huge disappointment too.  Overall, his experience was quite dismal.  The prices were supposed to be wholesale and lower, but what he found was that either the products were junk or appeared to be way overpriced.  His friends stated the same.  Never again would he go back to such an event.

The sad story is if you google “liquidation sales BBB,” you will find that a lot of warnings about liquidation sales have been issued by the Better Business Bureau.  Definitely, when going to a going-out-of-business or liquidation sale of any sort, you want to be careful. The last thing you want to do is to make a purchase and then to find out that it’s damaged goods and that you have no way of getting your money back. There is a definite calculated risk in making a purchase.  It’s up to you whether you want to take that risk or not.  Just know what the consequences are of buying possibly, faulty merchandise; in the end you are stuck with it.

Fortunately for Randy and his friends, they opted not to make any purchases.  Their only loss was the admission fee to the event and the fee for parking.  Still, they considered that a loss, yet the experience was a valuable lesson.


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