A Different Way of Saying Thank You This Holiday Season

Woman Santa Hat BBB copy 300x199 A Different Way of Saying Thank You This Holiday SeasonPart of my job at Better Business Bureau is looking at complaint trends and coming up with ways to inform the public about problematic industries or companies. As you can imagine, we process a lot of complaints at our local BBB – about 2,000 a month. Blame it on the shimmering lights, the poinsettias in the hallway or the smell of baked goods, but this month, as I looked at complaint trends I asked myself, “What about all the positive experiences people are having? Where can I review those trends?”

It seems that as consumers, many of us are quick to share negative experiences with anyone who will lend an ear. We are frustrated, irritated, mad, and sometimes even sad and all we want is to be heard. But, what happens when we have a good experience? When the cashier shares a coupon and gives us an additional 20% off? When the store offers to ship a product to our home because they are out of stock…free of charge? We often hold on to that good feeling for a few minutes and then just go about our day.

This holiday season, I invite you to hold on to that good feeling a little longer, long enough to share it. What better time to focus on the good and share what businesses are doing right! Some of you might be thinking, “but Turkey Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are behind us!” Yes, which gives you plenty of inspiration to draw from. Let’s also remember there are still more than 10 days until Christmas and we’ll be doing some more shopping.

So, this holiday season, say thank you a different way. Share your positive experiences and share them with BBB. Submit positive reviews by visiting http://www.bbb.org/phoenix/Customer-Reviews.

To get you started, share some of the positives experiences you’ve had this holiday season by leaving a comment below.

Happy Holidays! 

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About Myriam Cruz

Myriam is the Director of Community Relations for BBB Serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona (BBB). Through her role, Cruz ensures the message of trust resonates with audiences in all service areas, including the Hispanic market.