Wal-Mart “Cash Back Scam” Debunked

walmart 150x150 Wal Mart Cash Back Scam DebunkedThe “Wal-Mart cash back scam” is back. Claiming that cashiers are secretly charging cash back amounts to customers’ receipts, the scam purports that the cashier is pocketing the customer’s money without the customer’s knowledge.  This viral claim has received half a million shares and typically features a picture of the supposed victim’s receipt.

If you see this receipt circulating, don’t be fooled. It’s a scam. It is impossible for cashiers to initiate a cash-back transaction without the knowledge and involvement of the customer. “Our cashiers have no method of initiating cash back from their register terminal,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said in an e-mail. “The customer is the only one who can prompt the cashier to give cash back.”

This viral scam alert is just one of the many examples of people spreading false scam accusations because they do not have the proper evidence or knowledge. Referring to something as a scam is a serious accusation which can potentially ruin a company’s reputation even if it is not true. If you believe that you have encountered a scam, be sure to contact Better Business Bureau or visit our website at www.bbb.org for more information.

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