Should Google Glass Be Allowed Behind the Wheel?

google glass 150x150 Should Google Glass Be Allowed Behind the Wheel?If you haven’t heard of Google Glass, you might want to check out this latest technological innovation. Essentially, it is a wireless computer-like device that can be worn like a pair of eyeglasses. The device, developed by Google and manufactured by Foxconn, can basically perform the same functions as the average smartphone via a hands-free format operated by voice commands. Google Glass uses a small prism projector to display information, text messages, pictures, etc. right before your eyes!

While the technology is revolutionary, there are several safety concerns surrounding Google Glass because of its tendency to distract its users. This is a reasonable argument since it is difficult to focus on the world around you with a computer display directly in front of your eyes. Most of these concerns have been raised in regards to operating the device behind the wheel. On Tuesday, October 29th, the first ticket was issued to a woman in California for wearing Google Glass while driving. This incident created an internet frenzy as Google Glass enthusiasts encouraged the woman to challenge the ticket in court. It may seem obvious that the woman received a ticket for using this smart-phone-like device while driving, but that case may actually be more complicated. California traffic laws state that video screens are prohibited anywhere ahead of the front seats unless they’re displaying GPS information, a map, or information about the car itself. However, Google Glass has several functions, one of them being GPS navigation. This raises a few issues because the person operating the device could be using it for navigation purposes. At that point, is it still a traffic violation? Clearly, this is not the only time the Google Glass issue will show up in traffic court. It will be interesting to see what decisions are made regarding the device as it becomes more and more prevalent in the technological marketplace.

What do you think? Should Google Glass be allowed behind the wheel? Tell us your opinions in the comments section!

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