Facebook Takes Precautions in Wake of Adobe Data Breach

facebook 150x150 Facebook Takes Precautions in Wake of Adobe Data BreachBack in October, Adobe experienced a massive data breach which compromised the user information of approximately 150,000,000 customers. In the wake of this massive security breach, Facebook is taking precautions to protect users who use the same credentials on its site as they did with Adobe, according to Naked Security. Facebook’s security team is mining the data leaked from the Adobe breach to find users who are currently using the same password that they used for Adobe. Facebook has locked the accounts of these users and the only way to unlock their account is by answering a few security questions and changing the compromised password. Facebook is telling such users that for their own sake, “No one can see you on Facebook until you finish.”

You may be wondering how Facebook is able to pinpoint which users are committing the security mistake of reusing passwords. The researchers at the social media website pass an Adobe user’s recovered password through their hashing function, allowing them to see if the result matches what they have on record for that user. These actions show how the website is being proactive and responsible when it comes to users’ security and privacy.

This story perfectly illustrates the importance of having multiple passwords and not reusing passwords, especially those which may have been compromised or leaked in the past. It is also critical to create strong and unique passwords that hackers will not be able to guess easily. Following these quick and easy password precautions will ensure your security and privacy on all of your favorite websites.

For more information on this story, visit http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/11/13/facebook-locks-users-in-a-closet-for-using-same-passwordsemails-on-adobe.

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