Your Best Bet Part 2: Third Party Review Sites That Feature Your Favorites

What We Buy Online and Where to Find the Best Third Party Reviews

Reviews 21 150x150 Your Best Bet Part 2: Third Party Review Sites That Feature Your Favorites

Last time we talked about purchase decision tools, we discussed customer reviews and just how important they are to guide you in your most important purchase decisions. But which review sites are the best? And how do you know where to get the right info from?

There are so many third party review sites these days, figuring out which ones to use can be complex. Well, worry not! We’re here to show you the best of the best.

Before we delve into where to find the best reviews, let’s talk about what it is that people are buying online the most.

What DO We Want?

According to, the most popular items that consumers purchase online are books and consumer electronics. The least popular items purchased online are groceries and home improvement services.

Business Insider also reminds us that the evolution of shopping currently involves a shift from conventional brick & mortar stores to e-commerce retail sites, and that shift is expected to continue grow to about $1 trillion by 2016.

As the retail industry continues to change, both consumers and businesses alike are working to stay on top of the pulse of this new-age realm of online shopping.

Only one thing is certain: is one of the biggest internet retailers in the industry.

Where to Find the BEST Info

It’s not always easy finding the best customer reviews. Sometimes, all you have to do is search the product you want to review, and that will bring up a list of third-party reviews to browse through. But what about locating specific services, niche restaurants, or the like? How do you know who to trust?

Top-tier businesses will encourage their customers to write reviews on a variety of trusted third party websites. If a business has no reviews, chances are it’s either brand new, or not very review-worthy.

Third party reviews help build a business’s reputation, they confirm that a business is “open and thriving,” and they improve local search. The most reputable businesses know this, and will likely have third party reviews about them and their products for that reason.

Shop around and find out what people are saying before you trust a business. Customer reviews are one of the best and easiest ways for customers to keep themselves informed.

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