Protect Your Identity by Protecting Your Passport

Do you protect your passport like you protect your Social Security card?  The correct answer to this question should be YES!  A lost or stolen passport can lead to a serious case of identity theft.  The steps to secure your identity in the case of a lost or stolen passport are simple.  First call the State Department at 877.487.2778. They can take the report over the phone and immediately deactivate your passport.  If you think it was stolen, you should file a police report.  You need to remember, this is a crime.  Finally you will need to apply for a new passport.  Due to the fact that you don’t have your old one to surrender, you will have to fill out the normal application and a Form DS-64.

Losing your passport can be scary, but following these steps quickly can reduce your chances of falling victim to identity theft and therefore make your experience less scary!  Always remember to safeguard your privacy and keep documents like birth certificates, Social Security cards and passports safe.

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