National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Get informed!

medium 2216888470 300x252 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Get informed!October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Domestic violence is a serious issue and does not discriminate.  “One in four women” in their lifetime and “one in seven men” will be victims of violent assault by the hands of a significant other.  There are many resources out there to help those who are victims.

During the month of October, BBB encourages you to learn more about domestic violence issues, how they affect you, loved ones, and those around you.  Familiarize yourself with local and national resources that are available and take part in events that promote awareness but also support victims, who need help.

A good place to check for charities is on our List of National BBB Wise Giving Reports.  On this report you will find national charities listed in alphabetical order that meet the Better Business Bureau’s 20 standards for charity accountability.  Not only that but you can search for them alphabetically, by category or by name, simply by clicking on the appropriate tab.  For any charities/resource groups not listed, simply contact us for more information.

charity National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Get informed!While domestic violence is a horrible, atrocious crime, it is good to know that there are valuable resources out there that can help.

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