National Cyber Security Month

October marks National Cyber Security Awareness month.  The Department of Homeland Security is raising awareness by engaging and educating everyone who uses digital technology, whether it is at home or at work, to protect themselves, their businesses and our country.

 What can you do to be cyber secure?

Set strong passwords, and don’t share them with anyone.  Passwords should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols and should be significantly different from previous passwords.

Make sure your computer (including the operating system, browser, and other critical software) are optimized by installing regular updates.  You should also run routine virus scans on your system.

Use privacy settings to avoid sharing information for all to see.  Better yet, don’t post a lot of personal information about yourself.

Be cautious about what you receive or read online.  There are many scammers out there trying to get your personal information.  They will pose as someone you trust by emailing, calling or texting you.  They may know some information about you and want you to verify it.  They may know nothing and go phishing to try and get your personal information.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Find out more ways to stay safe online.

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