Give Them Computer Access, Give them Your World

The next time a stranger knocks at your door try this:

1.) Invite them into your home

2.) Let them snoop around alone

3.) Allow them to take whatever they want and leave

As hard as it is to believe that someone would actually agree to this, it is happening.  Not only is it happening, more and more people are being asked to do it. However, the people ‘opening the door’ may not realize the magnitude of their action…until they have a problem.  To put it into context, replace the word ‘home’ with ‘computer’ and you’ll discover people are giving strangers remote access to their computers and being robbed of their identity, privacy and more.

BBB has recently heard from people being contacted out of the blue by representatives of “The Windows Computer” or “The Windows Company”. Representatives tell them there are viruses on their computer that need to be removed asap. Scammers hope you won’t notice their play on words of legitimate companies or the lack of evidence your computer actually needs to be fixed. Some consumers told us they agreed to the service, but then asked to stop the ‘process’ because something didn’t feel right. Unfortunately, whether they stopped or not, the scammers already had what they wanted…access!

Greater Arizona BBB first warned about a similar scam last year when fraudsters claimed to represent Microsoft and needed to fix corrupt computers. According to Microsoft’s Safety and Security Center website “Microsoft® does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer.”

Remember, giving remote access to an unsolicited caller gives them access to your world! Think about all of the things you do on your computer on a given day…check emails, surf the web, make online purchases, check bank accounts, login to social media accounts, add  photos and the list goes on and on.

How do you verify the person calling you is really is who they say they are?

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