16 Features in iOS7 You Might Not Have Noticed

9395383259 3ee6e19bb5 b 150x150 16 Features in iOS7 You Might Not Have NoticedThere are several cool new features in the iOS7 and a few of them are a bit harder to notice. Here’s a quick summary of the hidden features to look out for on your newly updated phone:

1. The clock app now features a real-time clock with a moving second hand.

2. View time stamps for every text in a conversation by sliding the screen to the left.

3. The compass app include a digital “level” which can be useful when doing tasks such as hanging pictures.

4. The Apple Maps app displays a darker interface at certain times, so drivers are not blinded at night while trying to navigate.

5. Close multiple apps at a time by double-clicking the home button and using three fingers to swipe three apps away in one motion.

6. Use Siri to control settings, make calls, and play voicemails.

7. Block numbers or contacts by going to the Phone settings.

8. The Apple App Store has a new “Near Me” feature, which shows apps that are popular near your current location.

9. You can teach Siri to pronounce non-phonetic names correctly. Simply tell Siri, “That’s not how you pronounce (name)” and she will give you three other pronunciation options to choose from.

10. Burst mode allows you to take super fast photos by holding down on the grey shutter button (or on either of the volume buttons) when taking photos.

11. Make voice-only FaceTime phone calls via Wi-Fi.

12. Swipe from the left edge to right in order to go back, anywhere on your device.

13. Open Spotlight search by swiping down from anywhere on any Home screen.

14. Change Siri’s voice from female to male.

15. There is a new feature called AirDrop which can be used to share photos, contacts, and other files. It works between iDevices without the need for a wireless network.

16. Lastly, iOS7 offers plenty of new ringtones, sounds, and wallpapers for you to explore.

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