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Smartphone shopping apps ensure you can always get what you want. Wherever you go, day or night, the stuff you need is never any farther than your phone.

The giants of e-commerce already have a great handle on the mobile shopping app. Would you expect anything less than multiple free app downloads from sites like Amazon or Ebay? Our favorite shopping apps let us browse products, check merchandise, compile wish lists, and, of course, purchase selections through our phones with the security of knowing that credit card or PayPal data is being transmitted safely, and that items will be shipped according to the method selected!

BBB has an iPhone app to research businesses before you buy. If you see a billboard, advertisement, or hear about a company you want to work with, verify their reputation immediately with the BBB Search app to see ratings, complaints, customer reviews, and more.

Savvy shoppers can also use mobile apps while shopping brick and mortar stores in order to learn more about the products. If you’re a comparison shopper, or someone who expects to get the best deal or best product for your money, then you’re already familiar with Consumer Reports. Did you know this trusted resource offers a mobile app that allows subscribers access all their data through your phone?  The Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper is just one of the mobile products available from this site.

While Consumer Reports was around long before ecommerce, the My Runway app is a brand new “social shopping app” for those who love to follow fashion and enjoy personalized updates on brands, trends, and sales. Not only does it allow you to share your wishlists with your friends, it actually shows you where to buy the items you covet, picking out the store closest to your location!

Another popular and relatively new app tailor made for those who love to shop is the Coupon Sherpa mobile app, which allows you to download hundreds of coupons right to your phone, so you can start saving sooner. In addition, the app features GPS to help you locate nearby stores, a bar code scanner, and the ability to communicate with loyalty cards from your favorite stores.

Not enough apps for you? Why not check out the Global Mobile awards, a list of the top one hundred apps of the last year? Or, if you consider yourself a bit more exclusive, connoisseurs of the finer things in life may prefer this list of the Top Ten Luxury Brand Mobile Apps of 2013. Whoever you are and whatever you buy, there’s a mobile app to help you get what you want!

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