Higher Unemployment Provides Larger Victim Pool for Job Scams

Job listings 5 13 150x150 Higher Unemployment Provides Larger Victim Pool for Job ScamsDesperation can lead to bad decisions.  That’s the idea behind scams that take advantage of the unemployed.

Last week, TIME reported that Labor Department statistics showed American job gains in August, but future job gain estimates remain gloomy.

Although this is bad news for those looking for work, there are other nefarious individuals that use the bleak outlook to their advantage.

In the last few weeks, several job seekers across the country have complained to BBB about losing thousands of dollars to a job scam using a Dallas post office box.

Consumers complain that Next Couriers Xpress offered a job as a logistics coordinator forwarding payroll funds to other countries. The scammers claimed that forwarding the funds by an individual, not a business, would help avoid taxes.

As so many job scams do, the scammers functioned as a parasite by spoofing the identity of an established legitimate company to make the offer more believable. Instead of getting paid, consumers were left with nothing – and discovered that the scammers had taken out payday loans in their names. The complaints allege that the scammers used consumers’ personal information without authorization to obtain payday loans, and it was those funds that were deposited to consumers’ accounts to be wired overseas. The balance was supposed to be the consumers’ pay. But since the loans were fraudulent, consumers were received no pay and now must deal with the payday loans.

Dallas BBB is forwarding information about the scam to an appropriate law enforcement agency. BBB warns job seekers to be wary of offers to process payments and wire funds overseas. Just because an offer has an attractive website or advertises on job boards doesn’t mean the offer is legitimate.

Learn more about scams and how to protect yourself at BBB Scam Stopper, www.bbb.org/scam-stopper.

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