Coming Soon: User-Friendly Pinterest Update Features Expanded Article Details

A recent Pinterest update, announced Tuesday, features expanded articles to attract users and encourage them to pin and share what they find interesting, according  to Mashable. According to Pinterest’s blog post, users pin more than 5 million articles every day. This update is designed with those users in mind. Instead of the old model which displayed photos from the article and a link at the bottom, the new update will provide users with information about the article’s author and title, a brief description, and a more noticeable link right on the pin.

The company hopes that the change will encourage Pinterest users to discover, share, andpinterest app 150x150 Coming Soon: User Friendly Pinterest Update Features Expanded Article Details organize articles about the topics they find interesting, for example science, health or travel. This update follows the same pattern as a recent update to the iPhone app, which enables users to simply press and hold a pin to quickly pin, like, or share it. Both updates feature user-friendly changes that encourage pinning and sharing with little to no effort.

As of Tuesday’s announcement, the new feature only works with articles from specific publications, such as The New York Times or GQ, but the company intends to expand this feature to all articles. The update also includes reading list boards which allow users save an article for later, perhaps if they don’t have time to read it right away.

The update is great for Pinterest users who enjoying staying up to date on the newest news and trends. However, it is also good news for media outlets who are able to promote their content using the popular website.

According to the company’s blog, Pinterest users should look out for the new look for article pins on the web now, and on mobile soon.

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