Bloomingdale’s Return Policy Cracks Down on “Wardrobing”

While most luxury retailers have liberal unlimited return policies, Bloomingdale’s is drawing the line on more expensive items to crack down on so-called “wardrobing,” the practice of wearing a garment once then returning it, according to ABC News. Bloomingdale’s plans to place a conspicuous plastic tag on dresses retaishopping 150x150 Bloomingdales Return Policy Cracks Down on Wardrobingling for $150 and more in the hopes of preventing customers from returning an item if the tags have been removed.

With more and more retail companies letting customers “rent” apparel, it’s no surprise that some customers are choosing to take other store’s return policies more liberally. While many stores haven’t put different tags in their items, some are getting more strict on their return polices and how long a shopper can have an item and still return it.

While Bloomingdale’s return policy will still allow customers to make returns or exchanges on most items, including sale items, at any time after purchase, their big ticket items, with “b-tags,” won’t be exchangeable once that tag has been removed.

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