“Sliding” Theft on the Rise

Woman Pumping Gas 150x150 Sliding Theft on the RiseAll across the country, a new wave of instantaneous crime is taking place. Known as “sliding,” this lightening quick theft targets unsuspecting victims who have no idea what has happened until it’s too late. Preying upon cars, thieves slide through open windows or unlocked doors and quickly snatch your belongings within seconds.

How it Sliding Works:

According to ABC News, these crimes have become especially frequent at gas stations, with women as the most susceptible victims. While you’re fueling up your car, thieves approach the opposite side of your unlocked vehicle and snatch your purse and other belongings before you even turn around.  Within seconds, you have been robbed and the perpetrator is long gone. Houston police officer Jim Woods told ABC News, “They’re not looking for a confrontation. They just want the property, because they know it’s being left abandoned and you’re not paying enough attention.”

What You Should Do:

The best way to protect yourself is to stay alert and lock your car when leaving it unoccupied. Even if you are standing inches away from your vehicle, if it’s unlocked and accessible, your belongings are at risk.

To read the full article, visit http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/08/sliders-snatching-valuables-from-cars-across-us.

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