Checklist for Hiring a Web Developer to Manage Your Site

business card from computer 300x268 Checklist for Hiring a Web Developer to Manage Your Site

Whether running a big business or a one-man shop, having a strong presence on the Internet is important. For this reason, enlisting the help of a qualified web developer can help ensure a website’s functionality and effectiveness.

Business owners looking to hire a web developer should consider the following five tips to ensure they obtain the desired outcome:

Have a plan

Before the first meeting, take time to think about your company’s wants and needs in terms of website functionality. What is your grand vision? Look at other sites to illustrate your vision. The better your explanation, the better the developer can plan and execute a functional web site.

 Listen to the developer’s ideas

After sharing your plan, listen and consider the developer’s suggestions. As the expert, he or she will know the most effective way to deliver an outcome. The developer’s enthusiasm in the project can also be a good indicator of the type of work to be performed.

 Add strategically

Often times, developers get over excited about projects and suggest additional items you may or may not need. Make sure additions bring value to the user experience. If you feel the developer is trying to increase the price of the project by recommending items you do not need, look elsewhere.

Consider maintenance

With any website comes maintenance. Ask the developer upfront if you’ll be trained on how to use the site, if you will be able to make changes yourself, and if there are any limitations in terms of content. All this information will be beneficial to know at times when you need to change text, add pages, update products, or add new items to the site. Also, ask if the website can be transferred to another developer in the future.

Don’t pay for everything upfront

Some developers ask for full payment upfront and then fail to complete the project. It is common practice to require 25 to 50 percent up front, and the rest after key milestones or when the work is complete.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to ask “interview” questions, just like you would when hiring a full-time employee. Ask for references, examples of “live” sites, and credentials.

 Do you think a developer’s personal appearance is important?  Would you feel more comfortable with someone wearing glasses and a pocket protector, or someone with piercings and tattoos?

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