6 Rules to Make The Best Virtual Impression

online shop 150x150 6 Rules to Make The Best Virtual Impression Think about how often you use the Internet. You are representing yourself through the World Wide Web on almost every online platform you use: email, social media, dating sites, forums, e-commerce, etc. So with all the interactions that take place between computers, how are you expressing yourself? In today’s technology obsessed age, often the first place people go to learn more about someone else is the internet. We have kicked privacy to the curb and allowed ourselves to be searchable entities online.  That being the case, it is so important you are presented as your best self.

Open Forum believes this is especially important for professionals.  According to them, “with much business done online today, your online ‘handshake’—the way you answer an email or what you say on social media—directly affects people’s perceptions of you as a small-business owner.” No matter who you, your online image speaks volumes.

Open forum  came up with 6 rules of online etiquette that will help anyone (not just professionals!) make a great virtual impression.

1. Stay neutral. 

2. Follow grammar and punctuation rules. 

3. Know how to use online communication tools.

4. Consider your virtual recipients.

5. Take care choosing your professional user name.

6. Pick up the phone when necessary.

To read the full article, visit https://www.openforum.com/articles/online-etiquette-6-rules-for-making-a-great-virtual-impression/?extlink=of-social-twt-o

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