Top 11 Things Your Customer Support Specialist Won’t Tell You (Part I)

How to Inspire Fast, Friendly Help from Customer Support Staffwomen on phone large  150x150 Top 11 Things Your Customer Support Specialist Won’t Tell You (Part I)

Calling Customer Support: we’ve all felt some irritation about being put on hold for unacceptable lengths of time, not ending up with the desired resolution, or finding a specialist’s accent difficult to understand. But what about these unsung heroes of commerce? Have you ever wondered how to enjoy the best possible experience with a Customer Support rep? We asked some of our favorite CS staff to share their secrets.

  1. Eliminate background noise. The most common complaint of all CSS. We tend to be helpful, empathetic, and patient, but super hearing, albeit we’d love it, is not one of the skills we possess. Background noises such as TVs, radios, barking dogs, crying children, additional conversations all add noise that filters through to the phone and makes it very difficult to hear you. It’s best to first find a quiet room and then place the call to us.

  1. Keep private moments private. Related to point one, but deserving of its own category. Please refrain from doing anything that you would only do in the privacy of your own bathroom. Restroom breaks are best left until after our phone conversation is concluded.

  1. Avoid multi-tasking. We’d love to resolve your problem in record time. To enable us to do so it’s imperative that you hold all other activities and conversations until after we have completed our business together. It’s very distracting to hear multiple conversations and it prevents us from helping you.

  1. Respect each other’s time. Use time efficiently by waiting to make your call to us until you know you can do so without interruption. Asking to place us on hold delays our ability to help you in a timely manner. If your circumstances change during our call and hold time will be necessary, it’s best to let us go and call back later when you are able to focus.

  1. We’re happy to call you back as long as we have the info. If you need a callback, please make sure it’s possible for us to reach you when we do call you back: remember to leave your callback number and make sure your voice mailbox isn’t full. If we don’t have your number, we can’t contact you, and if we can’t leave a message, you might not realize that we tried.

Next week: 6 More Things Your Customer Support Specialist Won’t Tell You

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