Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month

boat 150x150 Celebrate National Park and Recreation MonthIf you can’t beat the heat, why not join it? As summer sizzles on, you may find yourself eager to get out of the house and into the great outdoors.  Coincidentally, July is National Park and Recreation Month! So celebrate by going on the perfect weekend getaway, camping.  Aside from being a trip that’s easy on your bank account, the fresh air and exercise, such as hiking or fishing, is fantastic for your health and happiness.

Before heading out into the wild, Consumer Reports recommends some essentials for your packing list:

Pack the basics:  Some packing necessities include a backpack, extra batteries, hand sanitizer, medications, a cooler, trash bags, and toilet paper.  Also vital is bug spray and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Go digital: Bring a digital camera to capture your adventures! Don’t forget to bring a case or waterproof bag to protect your device from the elements.

Don’t get lost: A traditional packing list should include a map and compass to help you navigate.  A modern take on this would be to bring a GPS navigation system. Modern technology or not, it is essential to have a navigation product with you on your trip.

Enjoy the outdoors: You want to be able to enjoy nature in everyway on your trip, isn’t that the point? So bring a pair of binoculars to check things out from a distance, particularly wildlife.  If you plan on hiking, bring a pair of comfortable hiking boots and sunglasses.

Prepare for the worst:  Don’t expect your trip to go seamlessly, particularly when you’re in the great outdoors with limited resources.  Be sure to pack an “emergency kit with bottled water, nonperishable foods, and a first-aid kit.” Also handy is a flashlight and clock. 

Shop early: May has already passed for the pre-season deals, but in late August and September you’ll be able to find some great end-of-season sales to prepare you for next summer’s adventure.

Visit www.recreation.gov to find a national campsite near you.

To read the full article, visit http://news.consumerreports.org/health/2013/07/essentials-for-your-summer-camping-trip.html

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