Medical Alert Scam Targets Elderly

A new scam is hitting the phones and targeting seniors across the country with the promise of a free medical alert system. The robocall, claiming to be from the popular “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” product, Life Alert, is feeding on your personal information.telephone keypad 150x150 Medical Alert Scam Targets Elderly

In a recent article by Herb Weisbaum of TODAY Money, the fake robocall is described as saying, “We have a medic alert system for you and it’s all been paid for, all we need from you is permission to ship it to you.” Jeannette Kopko of the Better Business Bureau in Dallas warned one robocall recipient that had he talked to the live salesperson, they would have tried to get his credit or debit card number and they may have even asked for his Medicare number, something that should never be given to a stranger on the phone. The robocall is trying to get you to shell over your personal information; only to leave you empty handed and down $35 a month for the supposedly free medical alert system.

So how can you beat these bad guys? Remember these tips and apply them to all unsolicited telemarketing calls:

  • Never provide personal information to an unknown caller.
  • Never respond to a robocall from an unknown company.
  • Don’t press a key to talk to a human. Simply hang up.

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