Fax Message Emails Linked with Malware

Naked Security warns computer users to look out for emails disguising themselves as an incoming fax. While fax machines are n Fax Message Emails Linked with Malwareot as popularly used today as they once were, some still use these machines to transfer certain papers back and forth.

While these exchanges may seem like a regular notification, be aware of this scam. The falsified email claims to have been sent by an online fax service, DuoFax and is alerting the recipient to a new fax received. The sender’s email address has been forged, and DuoFax is in no way associated with these messages.

Within these emails a file named fax [random number].zip is attached. This file contains an executable file called fax01001_DIGIT [5]_.exe.  This .EXE file has been found to be a Trojan horse malware. Be wary of these suspicious emails, especially if they are accompanied by unanticipated attachments or links. When in doubt, never click on the links and delete the email immediately.

For more information visit, http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/04/25/new-incoming-fax-message-malware.

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