The Omni-Channel Experience: Revolutionizing the Way You Shop (Part 2)

Retail Brands That Are Embracing the Omni-Channel Experience

By giving consumers the ability to do things like compare individual items from the website side-by-side on their smartphones, Kay Jewelers has not only impressed their customers, they’ve also driven up their online sales dramatically.

Kay certainly isn’t the only company that has seen the shift in the way customers want to do business and jumped at the chance to improve their brand according to your needs and desires.ecommerce3 150x150 The Omni Channel Experience: Revolutionizing the Way You Shop (Part 2)

Retail brands that are giving their customers as many options as they can to shop with ease and comfort are the same retails brands that are reporting higher sales.

We’re nearing an era where every successful brand will make shopping from your smartphone as convenient (if not more) as going to an actual store.

Target-ing The Omni-Channel Experience

Earlier in May, the retail giant Target announced their partnership with Facebook for their new website, Cartwheel. This unique, customer-centric website gives consumers a streamlined way to save on deals and also share information about those deals with their friends on Facebook.

By logging into Cartwheel through their Facebook accounts, customers can choose up to 10 deals they want to redeem (initially), and then are given the choice to print out the Cartwheel bar code if they’re using a home or work computer, or show it at the register from their smartphone.

“Cartwheel bridges the in-store experience with social technology to help our guests discover and share personalized deals and inspiration with their friends,” said Casey Carl, President of Multichannel and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy for Target.

How Macy’s Is Making Omni-Waves

Announced in mid-April at the Global Retailing Conference, Macy’s plans to improve their inventory visibility to give more benefits to their shoppers.

“By the end of this year, 500 stores will be ready to pick online orders, and 90 percent of our inventory will be visible to our associates on hand held devices,” said Todd Lundgren, Chairman, President, and CEO of Macy’s.

This will give store associates the ability to check availability faster, and locate items and have them delivered or available for next day pick-up, making it decidedly more convenient for the shopper.

In addition, it can lower sale prices from certain items that will be sold online or in stores, as well as make store inventory items available to fill out-of-stock online orders.

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