It Can Wait . . . What?

Eat your vegetables. Exercise Regularly. Reduce stress. Drink more (filtered) water. We are obsessed with doing as much as we can to live foriginal It Can Wait . . . What?uller, better, smarter lives. And we use our mobile devices to help. There are thousands of self-improvement apps on the iTunes and Google Play stores. I use several myself.

Yet we all have something else we can do to change our “wellness” habits when we are driving, at this moment. Don’t Text and Drive. #itcanwait

Taking our eyes off the road, our hands off the wheel, to send or read a text, email, comment, post, tweet, is an unnecessary risk. The Department of Transportation has sobering statistics that reinforce the message, and they have compiled a summary of all the state laws about hands-free calling and texting while driving.

We want everyone in the mobile community to arrive at their destination safely. That’s why Verizon is joining forces with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and many others in the It Can Wait campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

The campaign is straightforward: we ask people to visit, learn about the consequences of distracted driving, and pledge to never text and drive.

We’ve also enlisted our Verizon Wireless sales force throughout the nation to discuss distracted driving and spread the word that Texting and Driving Don’t Mix. We and our partners are also putting advertising muscle behind It Can Wait with a national TV, online and radio campaign.

I know distracted driving is a complex social problem – ingrained habits are hard to break. But we’re working hard to be part of the solution. We’ve advocated for responsible driving laws for more than a decade, and we support common-sense legislation to ban texting and emailing while driving. And we’re putting our sharpest minds to the task of creating innovative technology to help customers drive responsibly.

Driving responsibly is a personal responsibility for all of us. It should be your first priority. Join me in taking a pledge to never text and drive and help spread the word.

 It Can Wait . . . What?

NOTE: Verizon is a BBB National Partner and BBB Accredited Business

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About Jack McArtney

Jack McArtney is Verizon’s Director for Corporate and Community Responsibility. He works closely with parents, educators, and industry leaders to help families be successful – today and in the future – with the technology they use. Verizon empowers families by providing educational resources and tools so they can make informed decisions to responsibly navigate digital media. Take a look at to learn more. Verizon is a BBB National Partner and BBB Accredited Business.