Don’t “Reset Your Password” in the Latest Round of Fake PayPal Emails

Once again, PayPal users are being victimized by a round of fake emails impersonating the PayPal service. This scam claims that the recipient’s PayPal account is being put on hold until their password is reset.

The email provides a link to “open a secure browser window” and create a new account password. Clicking on this link only leads to malware though, so don’t let curiosity get the best of you. See an example of this fraudulent email.

According to PayPal, consumers can follow two guidelines that will help differentiate real emails from the fakes:

  • PayPal emails will always use your first and last name, or your business’s name.
  • PayPal emails will never ask for personal or account information such as credit or debit card numbers, bank account details, driver’s license numbers, email addresses or passwords.

If an email raises your suspicion, don’t open it, reply, click links or download attachments. Delete the email from your system and run a virus scan. Forward any suspicious emails regarding PayPal to

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