Cincinnati BBB Issues Warning about Nations Appliance Service

BBB warns consumers about Nations Appliance Service, an appliance repair business operating in Cincinnati, Ohio, after receiving complaints about the company. Consumers tell BBB the business charges for parts that were never installed or services not performed.  Nations Appliance Service also fails to show up for appointments, doesn’t respond to phone calls or emails and refuses to provide any refunds.

“I doubt I will ever see my money. No service has been performed, other than a lot of stress and time wasted, “ an Loveland, OH resident, said. She hired Nations Appliance Service to fix her broken dryer.

At the initial inspection, she was told her the dryer needed a part that would cost her $100.  After the business failed to show up to two scheduled appointments to install the ordered part, they finally returned.  But even after they installed the part, the dryer failed to work properly.

Frustrated with the situation, she turned to another repair company who told her that not only did Nations Appliance Service  install the wrong part, they charged her $100 for a part that should have only cost $40 dollars.

BBB’s investigation into Nations Appliance Service was unable to uncover exactly where the business is located. The website doesn’t list any address and neither do any of the business’s receipts or invoices.

Even the real name of the business remains a mystery. Consumers were initially told the business was called Nations Appliance Service, but on the invoices “Nations” was crossed-out and another name, “Ace” Appliance Services was handwritten in its place. A web search turned up a website for Cincinnati Appliance Tech also listing phone number 513-828-0230.

BBB is aware that a Florida appliance repair business, Appliance Services, Inc. also uses one of Nations Appliance Service’s phone numbers, (800) 743-6479.  But we have been unable to confirm whether the two businesses are related.

Interestingly, each of the complaints BBB has received against Nations Appliance Service mention a certain technician, Larry Haynes. Larry Haynes has been associated with several appliance repair businesses with poor BBB ratings.

For those in need of appliance repairs, BBB offers the following advice:

· Watch for up-front fees. While a repair service may require a down-payment, avoid paying for the entire job up front. For extra protection, pay with a credit card whenever possible and make sure to get a receipt.

· Get details in writing. Ask for a detailed contract explaining the work to be done, parts ordered and replaced, the cost of all repairs and any warranties or guarantees associated with the job.

· Confirm the guarantee. Verify the terms of a work guarantee, such as what is covered, what the procedure is for submitting guarantee claims and the time frame that the guarantee lasts.

· Start with trust. Use the BBB’s Accredited Business Directory to find BBB Accredited small and major appliance service and repair businesses. Consumers can narrow their search to find businesses close to their home and contact them for online estimates using BBB’s free Request a Quote service.

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