Avoiding Mother’s Day Email Scams

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is important to be on the lookout for email scammers trying to take advantage of your loyalty to your mother.

Many scammers will set up online stores that are simply fronts to steal the credit card information of sons and daughters simply trying Phishing 150x150 Avoiding Mothers Day Email Scams to buy their mother a gift. A bogus email link is sent to the recipient advertising cheap flowers for Mother’s Day, but it will really take the user to a site that sells, for example, manly gifts like televisions and cars.  Once the user goes to buy an item on this site, their credit card information will be stolen.

Scammers also employ bait and switch tactics on consumers around Mother’s Day.  The email will sell the consumer a voucher that will give their mother flowers on Mother’s Day, as well as once a month for the next year.  The only problem, no florist in the world will honor the voucher.  The same scam can be applied to restaurants, trips etc.

Most people can spot an obvious scam, but email scammers do a great job of playing on our emotions to lure us into their elusive trap.  Remember that it is important to look for emails with spelling and grammar errors, and excessive use of caps lock are tell-tale signs of a phishing scam.

For more information on scams, check out BBB Scam Stopper, bbb.org/scam-stopper. To read the full article, visit http://mashable.com/2013/05/01/mothers-day-email-scams.

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