“So, Who do I Contact for Help?!”

help “So, Who do I Contact for Help?!”Seeking resolution for unhappy customers can be a tough task!  In fact, some cases may fall through the cracks or even go unreported because consumers aren’t sure who to turn to.

For instance, a woman wants to report on several problems.

  • Her ex-boyfriend stole something from her.
  • There is drug activity in the trailer court.
  • A restaurant served her food that had mold growing in it.
  • Her boss fired her because she was pregnant and refused to pay for her last two weeks of service.

Her initial reaction might be to call the police, but they, like many organizations, are divided into many areas.  There are civil, criminal, and other categories.  The woman might be told to call another organization because it’s NOT their area of expertise.  When she calls, she may be referred to an entirely different organization that may or may not be able to help; thus building more frustration.

Organizations may be performing to the best of their ability and within the scope of their expertise, but consumers don’t always understand that, especially after being transferred from place to place or person to person.

In regards to the woman’s problems above, the police would most likely handle the first two scenarios.  The Health Department might handle the bad food at the restaurant situation, although situations vary.  As far as discrimination suits involving employment and the withholding of one’s pay, that generally would fall under the Department of Labor’s umbrella, although the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission does handle discrimination.  Obviously, situations can be pretty complicated, and no one organization handles everything.

If you are uncertain as to where to turn to for answers, might I suggest that you start with the Better Business Bureau?  While we may not have all of the answers you seek, we are an excellent starting point!  We’ve been assisting customers in finding resolutions with business concerns since 1912!  If we can’t help you, we can generally steer you in the right direction.


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