Recycle Your Old Smartphones, Help the Environment

When you upgrade to the newest smartphone, what usually happens to your old one? For many, old phones tend to be forgotten, sitting around in our homes, gathering dust.

According to Mashablecell phone 150x150 Recycle Your Old Smartphones, Help the Environment, the November 2012 survey reported that 62% of American homes have old cellphones lying around, unused. $9 billion of unused goods in consumers’ households are solely from discarded iPhones. If you are one of these people with unused phones in your homes, consider utilizing the recycling options available for your cellphones. Mashable has constructed eight easy ways you can recycle your old phones. These options range from donating old phones to troops, to sending them into companies for refurbishing. Now that you have your new phone, why not make use of your old phone in an environmentally friendly way?

For more information and a list of eight ways to recycle old cellphones, visit:

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