Making Twitter Work for You: How to Engage Brands You Like

Twitter 150x150 Making Twitter Work for You: How to Engage Brands You LikeHow Consumers Can Engage Brands on Twitter and Get Results

Social media has a very strong influence over marketing these days. For the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about how brands can utilize Twitter to enhance customer engagement. But, what about the flip side? How can consumers use Twitter to engage with their favorite brands? After all, if you’re a Twitter user, you don’t want to simply wait around for a company you like to tweet @you.

And what if you have a customer service issue, or a gripe about a product you paid good money for? It can be difficult to find the appropriate outlet to vent your frustrations to in a world of outsourcing and automated messages.

From the customer’s perspective, Twitter offers consumers a unique, streamlined way to gain access to fast and efficient customer service, as well as an avenue with which to reach brands you like more directly.

Reputable Brands Reach Out

Noteworthy brands know they will become more successful if they reply to customer’s tweets, retweet exceptional messages, and engage in online conversations with consumers in their markets.

This means Twitter has done something that many social media networks have not yet been able to. They’ve put the power back in the customer’s hands.

There are some great examples of consumers successfully engaging with brands on Twitter, whether it’s getting an apology for poor service or contributing to a trivia contest and winning a prize.

One of the best examples in Twitter history of a consumer engaging a brand is the story of a man who tweeted @Morton’s Steakhouse while boarding a flight to Newark. He tweeted, “Hey @Mortons can you meet me at Newark airport with a porterhouse when I land in 2 hrs? K, thx icon wink Making Twitter Work for You: How to Engage Brands You Like ,” and Morton’s actually met him at the airport in Newark with a steak dinner.

Tapping into User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is just what it sounds like: pictures, messages, or other content that has been generated by an individual user instead of a brand or company.

Many brands are becoming aware that sharing UGC will help them engage with their customers as well as give consumers a place where they can interact and share ideas. The plus side for the customer (in addition to garnering attention from your favorite brands) is gaining access to deals on products and services.

Both sides benefit in the end. Consumers who get access to great deals will boast about it to their friends, and brands gain overall notoriety and boost their good reputations.

So why wait? Start tweeting @ your favorite brands today and see what they have to offer you.

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