How to Determine a Bargain

When shopping, many set out in search of the best deals. However, what determines a good deal or a bargain?, a website providing daily tips on spending, gives consumers a little insight as to what constitutes as true bargain. Here are eight questions consumers should ask themselves when determining whether or not a purchase is a bargain:

  1. Does the math add up? Calculate the price and ask yourself, can you purchase the item for less?coupons 150x150 How to Determine a Bargain
  2. Are there any hidden fees or costs? Don’t just consider the sticker price. If you’re shopping online, be sure to take shipping, taxes, and/or other fees into account.
  3. Are there any incidental costs? These costs are similar to “hidden” costs, but usually relate to purchases such as gas, parking, tolls, or food.
  4. Will this last? If you are purchasing something that you will use frequently, it is better to spend more money for greater quality, rather than have a cheaper product fall apart at a faster rate, forcing you to spend more money to purchase a replacement.
  5. Will I spend more than I meant to in pursuit of this deal? Before embarking on a search for deals, first assess what you need in order to limit what you buy and to prevent overspending.
  6. Will I use this? If you are not going to use an item, do not purchase it. Make a realistic assessment of whether or not the item will be utilized.
  7. How much time or sanity will I sacrifice to get this? If it is taking an inconvenient amount of time to find a slight discount on an item that you need, save yourself the wait and the stress, and prompt to spend a little extra money.
  8. Will getting this deal negatively impact an important relationship? Do not let your search for deals and bargains take over your life. Many times when you are looking for bargains, you could instead be enjoying the activities and events going on in the moment.

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