BBB alerts businesses to Elite Exposure Marketing

smartphone 300x199 BBB alerts businesses to Elite Exposure MarketingThe Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is alerting local businesses to deceptive, unclear and confusing advertising by Elite Exposure Marketing of Boga Raton, Fla.

The BBB has recently received inquiries on the business, which is soliciting locally via email and telemarketing for advertisements in a business directory they claim will be distributed at local, private country clubs.

After contacting these businesses, it was discovered by the BBB that club representatives had no prior contact with Elite Exposure Marketing and were not set up as distribution points for the directory, despite claims that the directory would be “the private country club’s internal business and service directory.”

In the email, the company claimed to be looking for two businesses from several different local industries to advertise in the publication.

The company goes on to claim in the email received by the BBB that these country clubs will be private distribution points for the business directory, but this is not accurate.

The email also does not give important information such as printing dates, the number of directories to be printed or frequency of distribution over a given time period.

According to the BBB, as of April 15, this business does not have a BBB rating, as it is in the process of responding to complaint(s) previously closed as unresolved. Business Reviews are subject to change daily as information is updated.

Elite Exposure Marketing’s full BBB Business review can be found at .

The BBB offers the following tips to avoid being taken by this and similar scams:

  • ·        Start With Trust. Always check with the BBB before doing business.
  • ·         When considering advertising your business, be wary of companies or publications you are unfamiliar with or have not seen before.
  • ·         If a business decides the offer is truly a good buy and a unique opportunity to reach potential customers, get a written contract with precise details: distribution locations or circulations details, date, frequency, and final copy appearance approval.
  • ·         Obtain a written guarantee of the company’s policy about cancellation or advertising misprint.
  • ·         Confirm the brick and mortar addresses and contact information both solicitor’s company as well as that of the publisher’s address.
  • ·         Do not hesitate to ask for more information about the publication. How many copies will be printed? When will it be published? Will the publication be available to the kinds of people your business wants to reach?
  • ·         If you received an invoice for advertising space without having placed an order, you are under no obligation to pay or respond to the invoice. 

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About Sharane Gott

Sharane A. Gott is the President/CEO of the BBB of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA. She is a certified mediator and has served on the Council of the CBBB Board of Directors, Bureau Operation Committee, as well as many other national committees over her 27 years with the BBB.