Why Liking a Business on Facebook Helps You Get Great Deals

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Consumers have more reason than ever to like their favorite businesses on Facebook. Now, in addition to showing your loyal support for the businesses you appreciate by liking them, you have the opportunity to claim offers from these businesses as well. These special offers are for Facebook only, giving anyone who likes a particular business on Facebook the option to get some great deals.

Back in February 2012, Facebook announced the new version of the offers product, which acts a lot like a virtual coupon for the everyday consumer. Once you like a business’s Facebook page, any offer that they post will show up right in your news feed.

One of the best things about these Facebook offers is that they are a free way to get discounts on items you may already want to purchase. Not only that, but the offers are customized according to which businesses you like.

For more information on how Facebook offers work, click here.

Shop Now or Shop Later?

In February of this year, Facebook started testing an even newer version of their offers product. Instead of simply being able to claim an offer, with the new version, you will have even more options to shop.

Consumers will be able to either click “shop now” to purchase the offer at that moment, or they can click “remind me” to get a helpful reminder email before the offer expires.

Clicking “shop now” will take you directly to the business’s website. Clicking “remind me” will not only get you that reminder email, but users will also get a handy Facebook notification before the promotion ends as well.

What’s more, clicking “remind me” will give consumers the option to tell friends. This is just another way that Facebook will help consumers get great deals, and even help them share deals with their friends.

Get Great Deals from the Source

Facebook offers are an easy and user-friendly way to claim discounts from your favorite businesses, but believe it or not, there’s more where that came from.

Kohl’s Facebook page is a good example of a business that has great deals of their own, which they promote on Facebook. From discounted iTunes gift cards to updates on the best sale items, Kohl’s posts some fabulous deals on their Facebook page for every consumer to see.

Whether or not you like the business’s page, you can still use their page on Facebook as a way to shop around and see how you can get a great deal.

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