TV Prices Decrease as Super Bowl Nears

As the Super Bowl approaches, TV prices have continued to lower. According to Consumer Reports, not only are prices lower than they were last week, there is still enough time to get a TV in time for the game! The biggest price drops are being seen on the higher-priced TV models with bigger screens and a lot more features. Some TV’s have experienced a price cut of over $1,000! These last-minute price cuts are the fastest and most efficient way for retailers to make a sale in time for the Super Bowl. th bf27db6c 150x106 TV Prices Decrease as Super Bowl Nears

With all of these deals, it is important that you do some research on different retailers to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Keep in mind that within the next few weeks, prices are likely to deplete even further, as retailers will begin to make room for 2013 models, giving you ample time to purchase a discounted TV even after the Super Bowl.

If you’re interested in getting a TV in time for the big game, check out these last-minute buying tips:

  • Check the retailer out with before you make a purchase
  • Look for last-minute deals from a local retailer
  • Make sure you have all the extras you need for TV set-up
  • Be clear about what level of delivery and installation is included
  • Get a 30-day price-match guarantee
  • Get a free extended warranty
  • Ask for a cash discount
  • Pay off any free-financing offers on time

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