The caller on the line will not lower your credit card payments!

creditcard 300x186 The caller on the line will not lower your credit card payments!The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana has received numerous inquiries from concerned residents regarding unsolicited phone calls they received promising to lower credit card interest rates and payments.

The callers offer to help with high credit card debt, but either asked for an up-front payment or personal banking information in return for the service.

They may also say they are with the government and need to confirm Social Security or banking information to issue a new Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid card.

These calls are actually phishing scams designed to steal money and identities, not help with burdensome debt or government assistance to the elderly.

Please hang up if you receive such a call, as you stand to lose much if you give them the information they are requesting or, worse yet, pay them to rip you off.

If you need help with credit card or other types of debt, please check with your BBB at They are more than willing to help you find a company to help that is reputable and trustworthy.

The BBB also recommends that consumers never give personal information such as Social Security and banking account numbers over the phone unless they are sure of the business or person  with whom they are speaking.

Scammers often call claiming to be from reputable businesses businesses, banks or financial institutions to make the scams more believable. If you are in doubt, please hang up, then look up the number to the business and call it back directly.

Do not trust phone numbers that scammers give you over the phone, as it may be part of the scheme.

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About Sharane Gott

Sharane A. Gott is the President/CEO of the BBB of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA. She is a certified mediator and has served on the Council of the CBBB Board of Directors, Bureau Operation Committee, as well as many other national committees over her 27 years with the BBB.