Sea Sick: When a Cruise Goes Awry

Cruise 150x150 Sea Sick: When a Cruise Goes Awry

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Cruises. Some people love them and some will never take one—or at least never again. It only takes one bad experience to keep some away. With all of the shocking stories of cruises gone bad recently, are you wondering if it’s too risky?

Plenty of vacationers have taken problem-free trips on cruises and have come back with much to rave about. Others, unfortunately have had a nightmare of a time. A passenger on Carnival’s Splendor cruise ship in 2010 recalled how it lost power and she experienced what many are currently experiencing on another Carnival cruise line, Triumph that has lost all power.

“I wouldn’t want to go through that again,” flight attendant, Laura Chavez told CNN. “At the very end, I was living on a box of Rice Krispies.”

With power outages, collisions, fires and other potential disasters to consider, how should you go about booking a cruise to have peace of mind? Of course you want to know that the ship has passed all safety inspections but most of the time, disasters that take place on ships are unforeseen. What’s really important is to read, understand and agree with the cruise line’s refund policies before you book.

Find out how they handle emergency situations and if refunds will be given if the trip faces a calamity. Honest cruise lines will refund passengers’ trips in the case of a major catastrophe. For example, according to CNN, those aboard the Triumph will get a free flight home, a full refund for their trip and for most expenses on board, as well as a credit for another cruise, Carnival said.

Of course, when you’re thinking of booking a cruise remember that not all situations will be refundable so it might be a good idea to consider travel insurance. As with any type of insurance, knowing and understanding what’s covered and what’s not is paramount.

What do you think? How do you feel about taking a cruise? What kinds of experiences have you had on cruises or other vacations?

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