Questions to Ask before Trusting a Logistics Company with Your Shipment

You are good at what you do. You manage your team, you make a great product, and people want your product. But how do you get it to them? One option is to find an affordable, reputable trucking company yourself, but that can be time-consuming, and the rates are often higher for clients who do not ship large volumes on a regular basis. They also may not be interested in your business if you are not shipping enough product to fill a large truck.

Another option is to hire a logistics company to handle your shipping needs. Logistics companies match dozens of shipments every day with multiple transportation companies with whom they have a solid relationship. They know which companies can handle smaller loads, products that need to be refrigerated, or even hazardous materials. Here are some tips for selecting a logistics company that would be a good fit for you.

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau. You can see if the company is in good standing with the BBB, whether there have been any complaints against the company, and if so, how they were resolved.
  2. Find out the company’s credit rating. The company should be able to provide you with its credit score. You can also look up companies’ credit scores through Dun & Bradstreet online.
  3. Ask for references from customers and carriers. If a company won’t provide them, keep looking.
  4. Look at the company’s website. It will give you a feel for the company and what it may be like to work with them. A well-established company will have a professional, informative site.

So if you need to ship something but don’t want the headache involved, find a reputable logistics company to give you a hand.Legion Logo 1 150x150 Questions to Ask before Trusting a Logistics Company with Your Shipment

Submitted by Guest Blogger:  Mary Hall, Hype Woman – BBB Accredited Legion Logistics


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