It’s Military Saves Week!

iStockMilitaryFamilysm2 150x150 It’s Military Saves Week!“Start Small, Think Big”—that’s the idea behind the Military Saves Campaign, championed by an organization that encourages young service members and their families to “Take a Pledge” and begin an automatic savings plan since 2003.  A great theme based on the time value of money and one that’s sure to resonate— whether you are in the military or not!  Considering that fewer than 50% of Americans claim to have a savings plan and roughly 56% of divorces cite financial stress as a tipping point, having a sound automatic “emergency fund” just makes sense.

For organizations seeking to do something on behalf of our military, “Start Small, Think Big” relates as well.  In recent months, organizations have signed up at in support of this year’s campaign.  It’s a small and easy thing to do.  Military Saves in turn, has provided a series of robust comprehensive social media downloadable packets FULL of financial readiness promotional materials—Twitter, Facebook, and Blog Post Ready!!  BBB Military Line is an ardent supporter of the Military Saves Campaign and stands proud among 23 local BBBs who have pledged support to the 2013 Military Saves Campaign.  We make up 24 of the 67 non/not-for profits who are reaching out to our military consumers and promoting sound money management skills.  A small effort that will hopefully translate into a big result for the less than 1% who serve in uniform of behalf of the other 99%.  Military Saves Week is Feb 25- March 2, 2013, but the benefits of saving is a lifetime.

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About Brenda Linnington

Brenda Linnington is the Director of the Better Business Bureaus’ (BBB) Military Line®, a national program providing consumer education and advocacy for service members and their families. An Army Veteran, former finance officer, current active duty military spouse of more than 31 years, and mother of an Army Aviator, Mrs. Linnington has significant experience working on numerous DoD military family programs.