Door-to-door scammers can strike any time–be aware!

I came across this news story today and thought it a good idea to reiterate that door-to-door scammers can–and do–strike all year long, not just when the weather’s nice.  According to the news report, the individual in question has been posing as a telephone company worker asking to “check phone service” in individuals’ homes.  

Cincinnati Bell does NOT send workers into residents’ homes to check services.  If you get a knock at your door and its a serviceperson you didn’t call ahead of time, be sure to check their credentials.  If you’re uncomfortable for some reason, look up the company and call them while the representative is at your door; if they’re legitimate, they won’t mind waiting a moment or two.  If something doesn’t check out or if you’re still uncomfortable, turn them away.  Should the person refuse to leave, don’t hesitate to call the police and file a BBB complaint.

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