Social Media Tips for Attending Live Events

Social media has changed the way we do things. It has even changed the way we attend concerts, big games and any live event.  BBB is here to offer some advice to keep you safe in your digital space.  First, you secured your tickets.  That’s sometimes the hard part.  Now you want to show everyone, look what I just got.  BBB warns you not to post pictures of tickets, b/c in doing this, you are making it easier for scalpers to make counterfeit tickets.  Next, you have arrived at the venue and what are you tempted to do……check in, whether it be on Foursquare or Facebook or another social platform.

BBB warns you that when doing this, you are alerting your network, and depending on your privacy settings perhaps the entire general public, that you are not at your home and won’t be for a specified amount of time.  Finally, you and your friends are having such a good time, you post a Facebook photo of you at the event in real time, this again alerts your networks that you are not home.  BBB encourages you to not post pictures until you have returned home from the event.  For more tips on how to protect yourself from fraud and scams, contact your BBB!

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