Choose a Reliable Snow Removal Contractor, Before Hail Freezes Over

snow plow 150x150 Choose a Reliable Snow Removal Contractor, Before Hail Freezes OverDon’t be fooled by the unseasonably-warm temperatures; it’s only January and there are many months of winter ahead. And since it is impossible to safely save money in a snow bank, Better Business Bureau urges Hoosiers to consider the many factors that play into hiring a trustworthy, snow removal company.

  • Start with Trust. Browse BBB’s Accredited Snow Removal Contractors for properly licensed and insured businesses; many offer online quotes.
  • Consider fixed-price options. Some snow removal companies offer different tiers of service, which are priced for the entire season, regardless of the amount of snow. However, there may be additional charges, when snow reaches a certain depth or when services are required on holidays.
  • Get several estimates. Prices can vary widely and are typically based on the layout of the property, the size of the area to be cleared, and whether or not additional hand shoveling is required.
  • Understand the details. Carefully, read the fine print on any contracts, before signing: Are walkways and steps included? Is the cost of sand or salt included? How quickly will the business respond, after a snowfall? Are there additional charges, if the contractor has to return?
  • Obtain a written agreement. The possibility of property damage should be clearly outlined in writing; verbal promises are not binding.
  • Maintain reasonable expectations. Winter conditions can make it difficult for everyone to travel to work, including snow plowers.

Remember, the least expensive service is not always the best; choose quality and reliability over price.

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