“Apple Picking” Heightens Crime Rates – Safeguard Your Apple Devices

With the growing thievery of iPhones and iPads, especially in New York City, the act has been coined as “Apple picking.” Apple products are being stolen in various places ranging from parks to crowded street corners, meaning anyone can be a target of “Apple picking.” According to police reporiphone black 150x150 Apple Picking Heightens Crime Rates   Safeguard Your Apple Devicests, an increase in “Apple picking” has significantly heightened crime rates in the last year, where there were about 16,000 thefts, amounting to 14 percent of all crimes.

The New York Times shares a shocking story exemplifying how truly common it is for these Apple devices to be pilfered. On Nov. 23 a 16-year-old girl was walking through the park listening to music on her iPhone, when three young boys approached her. One of the young men pulled the iPhone right from her hands and ran off. The girl immediately sought out the police, describing the thief and beginning the search for her iPhone. Meanwhile, the boy who had stolen the iPhone attempted to sell it to a man on the streets, who instead, simply snatched the phone and ran away. The story continues with twists and irony, enforcing the message that the monetary value of these Apple devices makes their users highly susceptible to “Apple picking.” It is imperative that people be conscious of their surroundings as well as the placement of their iPhones and iPads, as to avoid similar situations.

To read the full story, visit www.nytimes.com/2013/01/26/nyregion/an-iphone-is-stolen-then-restolen.html?_r=0

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