Giving of Gift Cards- Wise or Not?

gift card1 150x150 Giving of Gift Cards  Wise or Not?Looking for the perfect gift to give?  Ready to throw in the towel and just give gift card thinking, at least they can use it on something they want.  Well statistics show that over 41 billion dollars worth of gift cards have gone unused from 2005 to 2011.  So perhaps we all need to rethink the giving of gift cards.  There are other considerations to think about to before grabbing those gift cards and calling it day.  Read all the fine print to see if there are any fees associated with the card and if they are deducted from the gift amount or added on at the time of purchase.  Also inspect the card before you purchase it to verify that protective stickers are still intact and PIN Numbers have not been exposed.  Regardless of the gift or gift card you give, BBB always recommends doing your research first.  For more info on scams visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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