Future Phones Could See Through Your Wall?!

We have been able to do a lot of really cool things with our smartphone cameras, whether it be high definition pictures, videos, and even panoramic photos.  The next feature on the horizon may allow for us to look though our wall.Girl on Phone 150x150 Future Phones Could See Through Your Wall?!

This new feature could come from a new computer chip that operates in the terahertz range of the radio spectrum.  The radiation from terhertz is able to penetrate solids in a similar way to x-ray radiation, but because it doesn’t carry as much energy, it won’t damage any soft tissue.  Tearhertz are also better than x-rays at seeing inside less dense materials like water or flesh.  It can also identify whether an object is made of plastic or metal as oppose to x-rays which can just identity shape.

Electrical Engineers at the California Institute of technology have made the size of the chip small enough to where it could actually fit inside of a mobile device.  So, who knows, we could see one in our cell phones in the future.

For more information: http://mashable.com/2012/12/13/phone-x-ray-vision.

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