Thanksgiving – Thank you for all that’s good in the world!

thanksgiving1 300x228 Thanksgiving – Thank you for all that’s good in the world!Nearly 400 years ago in November 1621, the first unofficial, Thanksgiving in the United States took place.  The gathering consisted of over 50 settlers and 90 Indians from the Wampanoag tribe. Initially, the feast was meant to be exclusively for the settlers.  One day, four of their men were hunting for wild game.  The Wampanoag, hearing the gunshots, were suspicious of a possible battle outbreak.  Chief Massasoit sent some of his people, to check out the situation.  After their visit, they realized that the settlers were only hunting for a celebration feast and joined in with the hunting.  The celebration lasted 3 days, and during the festivities, they gave thanks, celebrated in each others’ company, enjoyed singing, dancing, and great food, while the kids played.

Since then, Thanksgiving has become more family-centered, although the tradition of giving thanks, having a meal, and engaging in a game or other entertainment has lived on.  More and more, friends without families are also considered extended family.  For benevolent, inclusive families and friends that we enjoy time with, we should give thanks.  For food and drink that nourishes our bodies, give thanks.  A roof over our heads, good fortune, jobs, escaping bad circumstances, living in a country, where we can enjoy our freedoms, give thanks.  No matter what your tradition or what you’re appreciative of (fill in the blank), we hope your Thanksgiving finds you with much to celebrate, is happy and safe.

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