Retailers Report Profits from Paperless Receipts

With the advent of smartphone technology, many retailers are now offering to send customers their receipts via email rather than giving them a paper copy.  These receipts are marketed as green for saving paper, and convenient for saving time, but what they really do is allow retailers to market directly to customers who have made purchases at their stores, reports USA store 150x150 Retailers Report Profits from Paperless Receipts

Retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Best Buy all have e-receipt options available.  Even banks, such as Wells Fargo and Citi Bank, are offering paperless receipts for their ATMs.

About a third of retailers have are using e-receipts, with half of that number using the feature in all of their stores.

It is important to watch out for scammers when using e-receipts, as scammers may pose as bankers or retailers telling the consumer there is an issue and they need sensitive information.  While these changes are great for customers and retailers a like, it is important to be careful when using this feature.

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