Possible Twitter Hack Spurs Major Password Reset

You may have gotten a message from Twitter telling you to change your password, don’t ignore it.  It could be serious.  Social media site, Mashable, has received multiple reports of Twitter asking their users to change passwords upon login as their accounts may have been compromised.Twitter 300x224 Possible Twitter Hack Spurs Major Password Reset

Twitter is not allowing affected customers to even login without resetting their passwords.  Upon logging in, Twitter will ask those users for one of three pieces of personal information: your phone number, your email, or your twitter handle.

Once one of these pieces of information is provided, Twitter will send a password reset email to you immediately.  The email links you to a page where a new password will be created.  Twitter will not allow affected users to login until they create a new password using this method.

For more information, visit http://mashable.com/2012/11/08/twitter-hack-password-reset-call.

Photo credit: Twitter

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