Free iPad Mini Offer On Facebook Sounds Too Good To Be True…For A Reason

The excitement over a brand new Apple product and mention of something free can cause consumers to let their curiosity get the best of them.  Unfortunately, Facebook users are being targeted by a new scam involving the newly developed iPad Mini.

A message stating, “Are you a Apple fan? The free iPad mini offer is on” is making its rounds with a link to supposedly get a free iPad mini. See an example of the message here.

When the link is clicked, the app requests permission to access the user’s basic information and post on their behalf. The app then begins to post the same message to the clicker’s Facebook wall in their name, encouraging all of their friends to do the same.

Mistakenly fall for the app? Simply remove the message(s) from your timeline and revoke the app’s publishing and access rights on your account. It is also recommended to report the spam to Facebook and run anti-virus software on your computer to be safe. Always remember, that if something sounds too good to be true, it unfortunately usually is!

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