Data Thieves Now Stealing Your Information From Points of Sale

Many data criminals are finding new ways to steal your debit card information, and their new targets are the checkout machines at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, and gas stations.

Thieves will go into these stores posing as a repairman and install devices that capture information from the magnetic strip on your debit card, andhacker 150x150 Data Thieves Now Stealing Your Information From Points of Sale stealing your pin when it is keyed in on the machine, reports USA Today.

Debit Cards and PIN numbers are highly sought after because they can easily be converted to cash.  A device called the mag stripe encoder can be purchased legally online for about $200.  This device allows criminals to take a stolen card number with its associated PIN and transfer it onto a blank card with a magnetic strip.

Consumers who use debit cards should use caution when paying with their cards.  Financial institutions generally act quickly to remedy cases of fraud involving credit cards and ATM machines, but banks are not required to work with customers subject to fraud on a debit card from a point of sale checkout machine.

To read the full article, visit–numbers-pins-stolen-at-pos-terminals/1675795.

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