Cyber Bullying, “an Imbalance of Power”

According to, “Cyber bullying, like traditional bullying, involves an imbalance of power, aggression, and a negative action that is often repeated.”

Typically, when one thinks of cyber bullying, one might think of adolescents being bullied on social media. There is more to it though.  Think about when your email is bombarded with spam.  What if you receive a lot of spam from someone impersonating Twitter, Linked In, Better Business Bureau or FBI.  This is a form of cyber bullying, not only to you, receiver of the spam, but also to the companies that are regularly being impersonated, who have to field off calls in regards to these emails.  Business reputations are on the line because of malware being sent out by unknown sources, when companies/government agencies are unable to put a stop to the spam.  The cyber bullying is is not only grossly unfair, it’s illegal.  BBB works closely with both public and private sector organizations, including law enforcement, to identify criminal spammers and shut them down.

Here is one example of cyber bullying, supposedly, from a well-known company:

google2 Cyber Bullying, an Imbalance of Power

 As you can see, both Google and YouTube’s names are on here.  The URL link goes to a website entirely unrelated to either Google or YouTube.  One can see this in the picture above and also by hovering over the link on the email.

Should you receive spam or unwanted email, such as this, forward it to within the United States.  The Canadian government is launching a “Fight Spam” website in 2013 that will be able to handle similar requests from Canadian citizens.  Individual companies also have spam reporting services and appreciate your alerting them when their name, logo or other trademark is being used fraudulently.

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